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Senin, 14 November 2011

Do not Think We're The Little!

Faculty of Animal Husbandry Department Polkastra BEM Indonesia is a great nation. Kebesaranya signs include airy soul, loved budge, no starving victories and advantages over other nations, and not bear to see other people lose the excitement level than himself.From the circle the equator, Indonesia has 12.5%, and it was far more than enough to control access to space, satellites and the political authority and economic information and communication.Big Boss we are a global information technology industry. But we are very humble and down. We do not have the heart to the "State District" named Singapore, so the wealth of our sand dredged-out, state-owned sector of our communication, we shadaqah his little neighbor.Territorial extent and fertility of the earth and sea, the earth property, mines, oil and other metals, the superiority of men of talent Indonesia, an Olympic-class students, kenekadan live without management, the ideology of hooligans, the number of people, insanity and various genetic and anthropologinya other kinds of property owned by the "piece of heaven" who named the Republic of Indonesia "is really the potential that is unmatched by any state and any nation on earth.But remember! We are a nation of soft-hearted and far from the greedy nature. The assets that we'll let dikenduri by multinational industries and greedy people: glontoran gold, oil and gas removed every day to foreign countries. And it's not a defeat, it is the greatness of our soul as a great nation!. We are a wealthy nation because it is very very very dear Lord, that we every day of the party infak and Sadaqah. The people most willingly suffer for choosing paradise, and tolerant of minorities out there who are greedy, who prefer hell.Our nation is a nation that is the philosopher. When we rented the president and the Netherlands, or up to any developed country that we'll let the lead, it does not mean we are under them. In the theory of democracy. People always have been the highest, the president and his cabinet only those people who we pay and obey us. So really the Indonesian people who stay on top. As a prayer leader appointed by makmumnya, Imam per se must obey the congregation. Who choose to abide by the chosen. Moreover, the selected payroll. Congregation who voted no story imam Imam chose congregation.Since hundreds of years ago the power of Indonesia to make the world sad. Then slowly terdesain or not deliberately designed, there is a kind of unwritten agreement among the leadership of the world in various fields: "Do not let Indonesia become a developed country. Because of natural and human potential can not be resisted by anyone ".And we also are very supportive of the will of the world to Indonesia mengkerdilkan Nation. We help wholehearted efforts to mengkerdilkan ourselves. In the daily affairs of the association as well as structural konstelatif, we are very diligent in destroying anyone who shows behavior toward the possibility of achieving progress and national independence. Every person we do not admit keunggulanya superior. Every great person we are looking bad. Each of our talented people Namru to work abroad.Everyone is our sincere slain by slander. Each will come true leader should be possible to make mines to trap and menghancurkanya. Every major issue we take a small problem, even more important than television gossip in dignity, the dignity and identity of the nation.We actually have almost passed into a great nation!. The culmination of our greatness is our willingness to be a dwarf nation ..... Meditate
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