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Rabu, 16 Maret 2016





1.                HERMIN
2.                SALMA WATI
3.                 HIKMA SAKTIANA
4.                 LR. FAULI
5.                 MILDA ASTRIANI
6.                ZULIANI
7.                HASMAWATI  



Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Thank you for the opportunity given to our group (Group II). To memprsentasekan results of our discussion of "Is Preventive Mare important than care" On this occasion we take the example of "stress" as a topic and the discussion this time. Why do we take the topic all that his name must have experienced stress. Problems stress often associated with modern life let alone a matter of "life stile" especially now that we are in modern life, stress can lead to disorders such as poor adjustment, physical illness. And an inability to cope with the problem.
Marilahb we discuss what is stress?
According to experts there are various definitions of stress include:
1. Soehaito herdjan 1987
Stress is a gripping force that urges or cause tension in a person
2. Hans Selye in 1976
Stress is the body that are menspefisikasikan response to any load demands of life
3. Maramis 1999
Stress is the body's reaction to situations that cause stress, change, tension, emotion
4. Vincent Carnelli 2000
Stress is a disruption in the body and mind caused by the changes and demands of life are influenced by both the environment and appearance of the individual and the environment lost.
5. Spilberger Handoya 2001
Stress is the external demands on a person, such as objects and the environment or a stimulus objective is dangerous.
There are several gejalah-gejalah stress include:
Stress is a common universiality character everyone can feel it, but a different mode of expression and the next is a sign of stress gejalah
1. Physical signs gejalahnya are:
a. bated breath
b. Dry mouth and throat
c. hands moist
d. feeling the heat
e. The muscles tense
2. Behavioral signs and gejalah namely:
a. discomfiture
b. Anxious
c. Sad
d. Like misunderstood
e. agitated
f. difficult concentration
3. Emotional signs and gejalahnya:
a. Grumpy
b. Easily offended
c. sensitive
d. Easy cry
4. Interpersonal signs and gejalahnya namely:
a. supercilious
b. Lack of trust in others
c. Often reneged on promises
d. Introvert
e. Easy / likes to blame others
5. While the factors that affect stress that
a. environmental factors
uncertain state of the environment will be able to cause the effect of the formation of an organizational structure that is not healthy to someone in fact the environment on three things that can cause stress for someone that is
1. Economy
2. Politics
3. Technology
This can happen, for example, rapid technological change in the new changes to the technology will make an individual's expertise and experience is not what and in a short time with the technology
b. organizational factors
Within the organization there are several factors that can cause stress that demandes Role, demandes interpersonal, organizational structure, and organization leadership.
c. Individual factors
Basically, the facts involved in this case appear from within kelaurga, economic, personal and personal characteristics of the descendants of the personal relationship between poor families will have an effect on the work to be done because the result can be carried in one's work. While economic problems depends on how one can generate sufficient income for a family needs to be able to run the finances seem.
Now that we know the signs gejalah or factors of stress, we can cope with stress in the following way:
1. resting and sleeping enough
Resting and sleeping is good medicine in dealing with stress because of the resting-resting enough sleep will restore the body, provide excitement in life and repairing damaged cells
2. Regular exercise or exercise regularly
Regular exercise or regular exercise is one way to increase endurance and physical and mental immunity.
3. Quit smoking
Quitting smoking is a part of how to cope with stress because it can be given the status of health and maintaining endurance and immunity
4. Do not consume drinks kerass
The liquor is a trigger factor that can lead to a stress by not consuming alcohol, immunity and endurance will improve all diseases can be avoided because the liquor containing alcohol,
5. Setting weight
Increased body weight is a factor that can cause stress for easy lowering the body's resistance to stress. Balanced state body that will increase resilience and immunity to stress
6. Timing
The timing is the right way to reduce and cope with stress. By setting the time all the work that can cause physical errors can be avoided.
7. Psychotherapy
This therapy using psychological techniques that are tailored to one's needs, the therapy can include psychotherapy and supportive psychotherapy sipatif redukatif which provides motivation or support so that patients have confidence whereas psychotherapy education reductive done repeatedly That is some sense. Signs and gejalah and ways to cope with stress issues. So once we know the impacts Negative let us prevent "stress"
By doing positive things that do not harm others. Referred people we care about. Begin prevent "stress" so that our lives more colorful.

May be useful and could be the demands on our lives.
Aamiin ... ..
"Good luck"
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