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Jumat, 04 Maret 2016

The Importance of English in Education

The Importance of English in Education
My Friends, and my dear teachers
Why we must learn English? The answer is simple we must learn English for a better future.
If we look at the glorious things man has achieved today, we can see the great role played by a common language that connects the whole world. And that language is none other than English. It has united the world. It has united so many countries.
The most important role of English is in education. There is no doubt that English is the language of learning. Most of the world’s books are written in English. Most of the research papers are published in English and one cannot even think of studying science without learning English. The internet has transformed our lives and it would be funny to imagine an internet without English.
The aim of Education is to create better citizens. It cultivates good manners and teaches children how to behave in social situations. Learning English also teaches good manners. A simple greeting words like ‘good morning’, can teach us to be polite to other people.
So dear friends, let us study and learn English so, we are mastering it. And then the future is yours.
Thank You

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